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I am an empowerment speaker, coaching therapist, equity consultant, podcaster and author that believes healing is social justice.

No one thing will ever decide everything.

Dear Humans,

This election will define a lot of really important things -but it won’t decide everything. Nothing does. No one thing — will ever be everything.

So… I’ll just say it!

The fate of the world will never come down to 2 ailing, out-of-touch, eerie, emotionally-unregulated, awkward-AF, white dudes.

I hope you felt that.

I hope this resonates and recenters GenWoke — (my Queens, my Kings, my Namastes, my “Nama-Go’s”, my thinkers, my allies, my seers, my sages, my sistahs and sisters, my brothas and brothers). This is our moment. This is our movement. We awaken the consciousness of our nation.

Love is unconditional; relationships have conditions.

Grief is evidence that love is unconditional. You’re gone. But love remains. Without your presence. Without your breath. Without you- Love remains. Despite you…

How Parents Can Disrupt Generational Trauma in WTF Moments

I lifted my daughter’s chin out of shame and saw her eyes fade beneath her tears. As her mother –I hurt when she hurts. “Repeat after me,” I smiled and she agreed.

I love my Spirit.

I love my Body.

I love my body without shame.

I am Loved.

As she spoke each word, she released her breath and started to breathe again, slowly speaking love into her truth. My only intention was for her to always know that her body is her own and her body is her home. I…

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